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Nitrobake offers a powerful fast and intuitive way of effortlessly baking your scene into keyrames and being able to export it to another software.
It can handle all of Cinema 4D’s objects and generators Standard and Thinking Particles and Xparticles as well as MoGraph Hair and Dynamics basic can bake everything inside in cinema4d .
Be able to bake your scene into PSR animation or Point Level animation in just 1 click. Nitrobake’s optimized algorithms only record the needed channels which results to less keyframes meaning better performance lighter files and less memory consumption.
Meshes with non-standard point-count can also be baked as frame-by-frame snapshots of the object.
In addition with Nitrobake everything can also be baked in a single mesh.
An easy to use clean solution for keyframe baking also can export to obj sequence.



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