Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters

Have you ever wanted to learn to color comic characters like a professional? In this course, Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters, you’ll learn how to become more confident with your abilities in Photoshop CC in order to make your character pop with color. First, you’ll discover how to evolve the black and white line art with basic color flats. Next, you’ll delve into rendering the shapes in darker colored tones followed by lighter tones completing the character’s form. Then, you’ll explore how to add hotspots, additional darker tones for added depth and for extra visual impact. Finally, you’ll learn how to add a photo background and alter it so it works seamlessly with your illustration. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only know how to color comic characters, but you’ll also have the intermediate skills to start evolving and exploring your own creative process in the future. Software required: Photoshop CC.



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Mirror :-

Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters.part1.rar
Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters.part2.rar
Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters.part3.rar
Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Coloring Comic Characters.part4.rar










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