Vue Xstream 2016 R4 – Version 404061 Win

VUE xStream 2016 allows you to render your scenes in Stereo for Stills and Animations. Stereoscopic rendering is available for both panoramic (360° and 180°) and non-panoramic renders. Stereo renders are compatible with most of VUE’s Render Options, such as multi-pass or High Dynamic Range (HDR) for instance.

Interpupillary Distance is user defined (default: 6.4 cm) as well as final image layout (top/bottom or left/right). For maximum customization, VUE xStream 2016 offers 3 convergence modes for handling paralax: Parallel, Converged and Off-axis.

Stereo images and videos are automatically recognized by Stereo-compliant platforms (such as Youtube for instance) and can be played on stereo compliant devices such as Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Carboard etc.

180 Degree VR Panoramas: Rendering in 360° can sometimes take a lot of computing resources. VUE xStream 2016 now offers VR180 Panoramic still and animation rendering, which in essence will render a 180° vertical and horizontal FOV of your scene. VR180 will be ideal to save some rendering time, for those instances where you don’t need to render what’s behind the camera!

Multi-Pass Rendering Improvements: Ideal for compositors, VUE xStream 2016 R4 offers optimized handling of semi-transparent materials to prevent background color to bleed within object mask color data. For instance, Cloud passes or tree leaves masks won’t show the sky in the background.

Additionally, you can now embed the alpha channel for each mask pass (when the output format supports it).

Path Tracer Renderer Improvements
The VUE Path Tracer now supports normal mapping.
You can specify the OpenCL devices that should be used for the Path Tracer: All Available Devices, GPU Devices Only, or CPU Devices Only.

Misc. UX/UI Improvements
VUE xStream 2016 now supports CPUs with more than 64 cores on Windows.
Improved 4K/HiDPI display compatibility.
Adds support for Maya 2018 (MentalRay and VRay – incl. viewport 2.0) and Cinema 4D R19.
Better responsiveness and faster computation of Procedural Terrain within the Terrain Editor.
Alembic compatibility updated to version 1.7.3.


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Mirror :-

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