Gumroad – 3D Jewellery Visualization


We’ll begin by checking out some physical equipment that is more or less essential for jewellery re-production, we’ll have a closer look at some real jewellery and talk about precious metals.

Shoot day

To create a path for this course and to get the best reference possible, we follow a professional photographer on a jewellery shoot. Watch and learn, as we are going to replicate these real life lighting techniques throughout the course.


Then we will model a real jewellery collection by using various techniques and applications. For the main technique, SDS modeling we are going to use Maxons Cinema4D, where we’ll also look at how to build semi procedural setups. Then we’ll take a quick look at additional applications suitable for jewellery modelling. SideFX Houdini for its procedural workflow and VDB modeling suite and McNeels Rhino that features Advanced NURBS modeling, used for real jewellery production.


The shading chapters are about creating a physically correct and photorealistic conductors (metals). We are going to cover Cinema4D physical render and Solidangles Arnold and also Octane. The techniques are however applicable to other physically based renders.

Lighting / Rendering

In these paramount chapters we create virtual studios by adapting setups from the photo shoot. Also here, we try out both Cinema4d physical, Arnold render and Octane. We’re gonna circle around some different techniques and additional applications to assist with this area.

Production Advise

We round off with some invaluable information on how to proceed with Jewellery Visualizations

After completing this course, you will have a solid understanding about visualising jewellery, making photorealistic renders, which applications can be used for what, and how much time is needed to get the job done.



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