Gumroad – Line Spaceship by Sparth

Three videos describing my line and coloring process for a science fiction vehicle in Photoshop CS5. Starting from a blank canvas, i basically describe my workflow while working with simple lines. Video I and II strictly focus on the line work and the additional trace over. Video III describes my coloring process.

This product contains:

Video I: Initial sketch (18 minutes)

Video II: Detailed line work and trace over (67 minutes)

Video III: Coloring process (40 minutes)

“Line Spaceship” PSD file. (High resolution, including all layers)

“Line Spaceship” Jpeg file

Material used: Imac Retina Display 27 inches. Wacom Intuos 4. Photoshop CS5.




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Mirror :-

Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part1.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part2.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part3.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part4.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part5.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part6.rar
Gumroad Line Spaceship by Sparth.part7.rar


Mirror :-










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