Udemy – Create Realistic 3D Hair With Zbrush and Maya (Fibermesh)

What Will I Learn?
How to create realistic hair in 3D
The basics of Fibermesh
The basics of Hairsystems
Basic Lighting and Look-Dev techniques
How to finalize your render
You should have an understanding of the basics of 3d, Maya, and Zbrush
Learn how to create hair in 3D using Fibermesh and Maya Hairsystems. I will show you the basics, then go through a working example. You will learn how to generate Fibermesh, How to sculpt it with full control, and then we will export the Fibermesh as curves when we are finished. I am including a script that will take the different subtool layers exported as curves from Zbrush, and convert them to groups with Hairsystems and PFX hair strokes neatly organized in a click of a button. This is necessary when creating advanced hair with many different layers. I also go into how to light and shade the hair for a nice render. This is a great shortcut for anyone who is new to the CG Industry.



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