DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.2 WIN

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 14.2:
• Added support for the DeckLink 8K Pro monitoring modes
• Added support for importing audio-only AAF timelines
• Added support for rendering audio handles in ProTools round trip mode
• Added support for audio playback when performing dynamic trimming
• Added support for import and export of Final Cut Pro 10.4 XML
• Added support for automatically naming Gallery Stills using user-defined tags
• Added support for 16 and 18 fps timeline frame rates
• Added support for 95.905 fps timeline frame rate
• Added support for more fine-grained preferences for Performance Mode
• Improved support for keyframes in the Fairlight page
• Added support for listing multiple DeckLink SDI devices with unique names
• Added visual indicators for distinguishing between timeline clips without media in the Media Pool and without media on disk
• Added the ability to change the playhead position without stopping playback on the Fairlight page
• Added support for Enable 2D Timeline Scroll on the Fairlight page
• Added support for context menus for markers in the Fairlight page
• Added support for automatic creation of a timeline when dragging in an audio clip in the Fairlight page
• Addressed issues with acquiring and releasing the lock for a bin in a collaboration project
• Addressed an issue where network connectivity issues could cause unexpected results in a collaboration project
• Addressed an issue where a blank node graph would sometimes be displayed when switching between clips in collaboration mode
• Addressed an issue where two users could sometimes load a non-collaboration project in write mode without a warning
• Addressed an issue where “Update Timecode from Audio using LTC” would not work on clips starting with blank audio
• Addressed an issue where retiming an audio clip would sometimes result in audio glitches
• Addressed an issue where unlinking linked audio groups with the Pan dialog open would cause a crash
• Addressed an issue where starting or stopping playback would sometimes cause a momentary glitch in the audio on the Fairlight page
• Addressed multiple issues with fader behavior for direct track outputs in the Fairlight track mixer
• Addressed an issue where the Fairlight timeline would sometimes show an incorrect number of audio tracks
• Addressed an issue where the Fairlight control room widget would sometimes become invisible when resetting a dual-screen UI layout
• Addressed an issue where JKL playback would not honor the looped playback state on the Fairlight page
• Addressed an issue where moving an audio clip would not refresh the keyframe navigation buttons on the Fairlight inspector
• Addressed an issue where some Fairlight dial widgets would not reset their values correctly on double-click
• Addressed an issue where audio EQ band adjustments might be incorrectly saved
• Addressed an issue where stopping playback would continue audio output for a few



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Da_Resolve_Stu_14.2 Win.part1.rar
Da_Resolve_Stu_14.2 Win.part2.rar
Da_Resolve_Stu_14.2 Win.part3.rar


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