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Characters aren’t just meant to sell people on an idea. Characters are vessels for feelings and personalities, that can connect to your audience. With a well designed character, our brains don’t really understand them to be artificial.

I’m Brookes Eggleston. I love characters. I create them for my own stories, I teach others how to design them, and I’m available to help craft yours.

Make Irresistible Characters That People Love

In Learn Character Design, you’ll learn to create iconic and memorable characters through techniques and principles. A well designed character doesn’t come about by accident. By using shapes & forms, getting in the head of your character, and developing real personalities, you’ll be well on your way to making characters that resonate.

* Shape Language
* Construction
* Human Anatomy
* The Face & Facial Expressions
* Creature Design
* Storytelling & Personality
* Digital Rendering
* And a LOT more! This course has over 10 HOURS of lessons, with more being added throughout the year!

Learn Both Realistic AND Stylized Design Techniques

We use characters for everything, including a wide variety of genres and styles. This course is relevant if you’re designing a photo-realistic monster for an epic CGI film, a stylized Disney-style animated character, or even a character sprite only a few pixels tall. Characters are universal.



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  1. Hi this is Brookes, the creator of this course. I’m not a large company, just an individual freelancer who supplements their very limited income with this course to support his ill wife. I put out hundreds of videos for free, and yet you’ve stolen the only thing that I charge money for. This directly affects me. Please take this down.

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