Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun

It is the video tutorial showing my whole process of demoing one of the tasks I prepared for my students group on creating eclectic style, environment design shot with interesting design solutions. All inspired and mixed from real life architecture to come up with unique/alternative city.

This was the brief finale for my last students group so I wanted to make that task very challenging giving them time restrictions (~4h) so they could imagine being under time pressure in normal day-to-day work as concept artist. They had to deliver quality concept using every possible techniques or the ones they felt the most comfortable with. Result and idea matters and I wanted to reflect it by that tutorial showing my approach to this subject.

This tutorial includes:

-3 parts video process (+4h with Audio)

-PSD file with all layers

-Hi-Res J-PEG file

-PDF brief for the Task

Thanks to that tutorial you can learn how to:

-work with the brief provided by client (me in that situation )

-work under the time pressure/in the given timeframe

-use different 2d techniques such as: painting & photobashing that became essential in concept art industry these days

-use and apply architectural knowledge



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Mirror :-

Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part01.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part02.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part03.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part04.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part05.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part06.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part07.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part08.rar
Gumroad – Darek Zabrocki – First Sun.part09.rar


Mirror :-










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