PhysicsEditor 1.6.4 Win x64

PhysicsEditor: Physics shape editor for Phaser, Cocos2d-x, CoronaSDK, LibGDX and more. Your physics shapes in 17 seconds.

Works with Any Game Engine: PhysicsEditor supports many game engines out of the box, Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, Corona SDK, AndEngine, Starling, Flash, or Your own engine.

Use the customizable output module of PhysicsEditor to define your own data format, including own properties.
Save time with the automated Shape Tracer. Use the autotracer to create perfect collision shapes with only one click.

Adjust the accuracy of the trace to reduce the number of vertexes to make your game fast.easy editable.
Collision & Physics Parameters: Set your Collision Parameters easily in PhysicsEditor… Mass/Density: how heavy an object is, Friction: Low friction lets the object slide a longer distance, higher values make the object stop faster.
Restitution/Elasticity/Bounce: Objects get repelled depending on the strength of this value.

Create complex physics bodies composed of fixtures. Set separate physics and collision parameters for each part.

Basically you drop a sprite on it and it autodraws a custom polygon collision shape based on the sprite. and saves it in an xml file. Whichis awesome because trying to make custom polygon collions shapes is a pain with out this editor.



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