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Unfold3D did his reputation with its blasting fast Unfold feature. It generates UV maps without triangles flips and without overlaps, even for islands made by hundred of thousand polygons.

If symmetry is enabled, and if your model is symmetric, the generated seam network will also be.

Unfold3D Virtual Spaces loads and saves OBJ and FBX files. Material’s polygons groups, smoothing’s polygons groups, and polygons groups, are loaded, exploited, and re-exported.

To improve Unfold3D’s integrations into studio’s pipeline, or your in house workflow, custom Lua scripts can remote control Unfold3D from any other application, or even from a simple text editor, thanks to the script file monitoring feature. It is then so easy to add to your favorite 3D app, custom press buttons to load and save (even launch Autoseams, Unfold, Pack …) to exchange mesh data and automatize partly or fully your unwrapping jobs.

19 Jan 2018:
– New: Polygon Magic Wand
– New: ReWeld (Auto Seams)
– Fix: C4D Preset.

22 Fev 2018:
– New: FULL AUTO UV modes (check the Auto Seams Panel)
– New: Color Bar with Texel Density.
– New: Projection Box and Average Normal.
– New: Polygon Magic Wand angles can be changed using ALT+MouseWheel or SHIFT+MouseWheel.
– New: Transform Mode.
– New: UI look.
– New: Mosaic is several order of magnitude faster.
– New: Texel Density can now be set in Pixel/Unit.
– Built with the 2018 FBX SDK.
– Many bug fixed.

07 Mar 2018:
– New: Panel titles brighter
– Fix: Clone tool (even in isolation mode)
– Fix: Crash and memory leak at exit

19 Mar 2018:
– New: Flip using Left|Right|Top|Bottom selection bouding box axis or underlying tile.
– New: Advanced Auto Select Box Options

31 Mar 2018:
– New: Complete reorganisation of panels and UI
– New: Some optimization on display refresh rate
– Fix: Align center tool does not center
– Fix: Crash when starting app from shell
– Fix: Incorrect display of polycount

4 April 2018:
– New: The positions of some UI elements are now customizable (see Edit->Prerefences)
– Fix: Slow frame rate with multiple UDims
– Fix: Transform tool blocked when using TAB key
– Fix: Dialogs have wrong size

5 April 2018:
– Fix: Poly group / Material / Object / Smooth Group dialog Selector cease to work after cut or weld in many cases

13 April 2018:
– New: Similarity control for all topological copy features



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