Gumroad – Drawing Vehicles like Scott Robertson Part 1 – Building Forms

Note: This package covers form building, which you need to learn before you start drawing vehicles. Future packages will build on this material and will cover actual vehicle drawing both from reference, imagination, and life.

This video was made to go with the moderndayjames video posted here watch this before going through the tutorial!

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This is the most affordable and comprehensive guide to building vehicles like Scott Robertson. In this package you will receive over 2 hours of real time lecture format tutorials with high quality mic, face cam, and a guided notes sheet.

Over the past two years I’ve been working as a high school science teacher while teaching myself everything I can about the fundamentals of art and design. I’ve finally left my day job as a teacher and I’m heading to art school this fall. You’re getting the teaching experience of a professional educator, mixed with the fresh and relatable viewpoint of a student that an industry professional just can’t deliver.



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