Udemy – Painting free watercolours like Turner with David J Walker

following these real time video lessons you will learn how to paint wet in wet watercolours like the artist JMW Turner

What Will I Learn?
Students will end this course with their own impressionistic painting and,by doing the course a few times they will gain valuable knowledge.
A basic understanding of watercolours
A3 Bockingford 300gsm Watercolour paper,1 inch hake brush,Number 10 flat brush,Number 5 round brush,Number 1 rigger brush.
alizarin crimson watercolour paint,raw sienna watercolour paint,ultramarine watercolour paint,yellow ochre watercolour paint.
a piece of board,use of an A4 printer,a pencil and putty rubber
Many years ago when I stated out painting in watercolours I would look with envy at this painting wishing “if only”and,by learning the same techniques

shown here,gradually I became more adept with my brushes and paint and by practicing every day I was able to produce more professional looking paintings

In the course we will concentrate on a particular painting by JMW Turner (the painting in the course picture).

Venice, Looking East from the Guidecca, Sunrise, 1819
This is just one name for this piece because no one can agree where exactly in Venice this is!

The particular beauty of the painting makes it perfect as our reference and we only need to use 4 colours.

You can do this course as often as you like, I would say if you do it at least 3 times you will have your very own JMW Turner masterpiece.

Who is the target audience?
The student who wants to learn techniques used by the artist JMW Turner and incorporate them into their own work.
The beginner who would like to improve their technique



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