Gumroad – Substance Fundamentals Tutorial by Daniel Thiger

If you liked the tutorial please support Daniel Thiger for he is an amazing artist and putting the hard work to make a tutorial that is sold for just 15$ at gumroad. Generally supporting someone for his hard work is a pretty good decision. I am uploading this for those who can not afford it at all and because CG_Peers has been of great help to me personally.

He announced that he is going to make a series of these kind of tutorials and I do not plan on uploading more tutorials of Daniel Thiger. Everyone should get paid for the work and time they have invested in the content they create…

These videos show the core lessons that I have learned in my own journey. Essentially, I’m putting together the resources I wish I had access to when I first started out.

Each tutorial contains multiple examples, where I’ll be building from scratch, and narrating each step along the way. The focus is not on building complete materials, but on learning how to use nodes, and how to approach problems. These lessons will help to form a good foundation for anyone starting out.

In this video, we will be focusing on the flexibility and power of the Tile Sampler and how I use it in my pipeline. Understanding how to create patterns is an essential part of creating substances. We’ll be using the Tile Sampler to create patterns that can be used to create hard surfaces and natural materials.



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