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Newton 3 brings realistic physics to After Effects, making your 2D composition layers act like solid objects that interact with each other – just like in the real world. It gives you many ways to control the properties of your objects, including type, density, friction, bounciness and velocity. You can also change world properties, like gravity. What’s more, Newton 3 allows you to create realistic joints between objects, so you can easily create complex motion. Once you complete your simulation, the animation is recreated in After Effects with standard keyframes, so you can adjust the timing however you choose. Easy, no?

Newton 3 can be tested for free ! The unregistered version is fully functional but export is restricted to 25 frames. Download it and try it !

3.0 (Current version) – Jun 6, 2018
* General Changes *

– Added animation module (animate almost every physical properties over time)
– Added 2 new joint types: Wheel (for vehicles, with suspension), and Blob
(deformable object)
– Added new body property “Export Contacts” to create a contact keyframe at
each contact when exporting simulation to AE (useful for syncing events)
– Added 2 buttons under the preview to automatically create either an infinite
floor or a static frame around comp bounds
– UI has been revamped to better match AE’s interface. This includes the new
“scrubby slider” to rapidly edit property value by dragging the value itself
– Improved support of shape layers
– Changed registration system (we now use aescripts licensing framework)
– Changed loop mode: when it is activated, the simulation restarts and plays
when arriving at the end of the animation (which is controlled by the
EndFrame parameter in the Export panel)
– Changed EndFrame parameter: it now controls the simulation duration

– Added support for file paths (settings files) containing unicode strings
– Updated GUI library from Qt 5.6 to Qt 5.8

* Platform Specific Changes *

Mac OS X
– Improved performances when user interacts with the scene (e.g., moving
bodies with the mouse is much more responsive compared to previous versions)

– Improved installation system (better dependencies loading system, no
installer required)

install it on C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Plug-ins



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