Album TD 3.5.0 Win

From Album DS creators, the album design software for Photoshop, a new tool has been developed: Album Turbo Design.

All the drag and drop power at album design service, our new design engine will instantly create the layout both for panoramic sheets and double paged. Atractive and modern designs you may modify to suit your style.

With Album Turbo Design you may design a wedding album, communion, baptism, senior, etc.; any album theme with awesome layouts in just seconds.

Album TD doesn’t require Photoshop and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows Vista or higher.

A turbo engine and you are the driver. Drag and drop a few images into the editor and a design will be created, select a new design from our true preview layouts list. Move freely any image in the layout, resize and rotate it; also a selection of images.

Swap images with a simple drag, even between different spreads. Insert a new image between others or at their border, easy and fast.

Full gap control with our unique homogenization algorithm for perfectly aligned images.



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