NVIDIA Mental Ray for Maya 2016 to 2018 Win/Mac

NVIDIA mental ray for Maya is a plug-in rendering solution, seamlessly integrated into Autodesk Maya®. The industry standard renderer you have counted upon for years is now available directly from those creating it. Maya artists now receive interactive viewport rendering and easy-to-use global illumination with substantial GPU-acceleration, in addition to all previous functionality and compatibility.
The latest features shipping with mental ray 3.14 and integrated into Autodesk 3dsMax 2017 and Autodesk Maya 2016 include:
New Global Illumination Engine
New Global Illumination solution that is easy to use, physically accurate, and fast
New GI Next engine with full support of mental ray shaders, motion blur, depth of field, hair, volumes and particles.
Easily controlled by a single “quality” parameter.
Up to 2-4X faster than Final Gather Force GI
Over 10X faster again by adding a GPU vs. a 14-core CPU
Only geometry is loaded into GPU memory, allowing texture-heavy scenes to be GPU accelerated.
Easy to adopt for any scene set-up up to use GI by choosing the new method.

Performance Scaling
NVIDIA® mental ray® supports any number or combination of GPUs and CPUs running within the same machine, and gives you control over which are being used for rendering. Load balancing between GPUs of different sizes, types, and generations are automatic – Even older systems transform into powerful, cost effective rendering nodes by adding NVIDIA GPUs.
Performance Scaling

NVIDIA Material Definition Language
Render physically based materials in NVIDIA’s MDL format
Load MDL materials directly for use in mental ray
Freely access +1,000 materials from the NVIDIA vMaterials library for accurate starting points to your own custom needs.
MDL material capabilities vary, with many having the power and flexibility of traditional mental ray Shaders.
Supports all mental ray effects like a traditional shader
Reuse MDL materials with other MDL-compliant renderers like NVIDIA Iray

Light Importance Sampling by Default
Modern lighting setups rendered far more quickly by default
Light Importance Sampling (LIS) optimization is now enabled by default
Efficient sampling of area lights, light cards, emissive geometry, image-based lighting allows lights to be added without degrading performance
Lighting quality is achieved faster and with less noise
Very feasible to use with thousands of traditional lights
Built-in logic and heuristics apply LIS based on benefit and quality balance.



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