Udemy – How to Make Professional Animation Videos with Vyond

For this Vyond Studio Course, you should have a Vyond account so you have access to the animation program.
BUT if you don’t you will still get a lot out of enrolling in this course from the insights on how to use new browser-based tools to create professional animation videos.
All you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection to get started (Vyond is browser-based).
NO experience with animation, design or Vyond required!
This Vyond tutorial is the most complete 360-degree ressource on Vyond Studio – formerly known as GoAnimate. I guide you through the preparation, production and fine-tuning of an animation video and the tips, tricks and hacks I used to produce more than 300 videos for small business, large corporations and everything in between.

• Fastest way to learn the basics of Vyond Studio

• Easy transition from learning to using key features and functionalities

• Step-by-step guidance through the creation of a full animation video

• Little-known hacks on how to make Vyond better and take your videos from good to great.

GoAnimate changed name to Vyond, and I love them for it. I have been using GoAnimate for years, and it’s a great program – that just got so much better with Vyond Studio. From the new, sleek timeline, real-time preview and keyboard shortcuts to the modern contemporary animation style, the optimized character creator and the speed of exporting – in this Vyond course, you will learn everything about this and much more.

I divide this Vyond course into the following sections:

1. Learn the Basics of Vyond Studio

2. Create Your First Animation Video

3. Go Beyond Vyond

I look so much forward to sharing my knowledge with you – see you inside in a second!

Best regards,

Rued C. R

Who is the target audience?
Marketing professionals looking for a fun and fast way to create professional content for social media, spice up the powerpoint presentations, lift the website or engage your coworkers through internal communication.
Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for building a business around selling professional animation videos to clients.
Creative students wanting to take their animation videos to the next level.
Design professional wishing to explore new tools and understand what new animation technology has to offer the field.



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