E-On PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470 Win

The Best 3D Plant Technology on Earth ! PlantFactory is a must have for any vfx pipeline, and an ideal companion to VUE. Create, Edit and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants.

Create, Refine and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants! PlantFactory is a revolutionary 3D vegetation modeling, animation and rendering software, dedicated to the CG, SFX, Architecture and Gaming communities.

New in PlantFactory 2016 R6: new diamond leaf mode, advanced flower controls
In terms of new features, PlantFactory 2016 R6 is the more substantial update, adding a new diamond leaves mode intended to reduce polygon count for vegetation that will only be seen at a distance.

There are subdivision boost, mid rib angle and curvature parameters to adjust the look of the leaves; and the option to use either regular texture maps or a dedicated new diamond UV mode.

The higher-end editions of the software – Designer, Studio and Producer – get a new 2D profile filter editor, designed to help create more complex flower geometry, such as the trumpet form shown in the video above.

There is also a new gravi-tropism parameter to mimic the effects of gravity on flower growth.

Finally, users of the Producer edition get a new seasonal material editor, designed for use with sister tool Lumen RT, when creating real-time visualizations.



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