Skillshare – Davinci Resolve 15: Editing

Welcome, in this class you will learn how to Edit in Davinci Resolve 15

how to create projects and organise them in folders
The importance of setting your Frame rate
how to import media
how to automate the organisation of 100s of media with Smart bins
you will feel comfortable in the interface, I will show you every part of it
You will master the 4 Edit modes
The 7 Edit tools
The 3 methods to speed up your editing using caching and two types of proxies
OpenFX and where to get free effects
And how to export your project

I will spend more time on some aspects not because they’re complicated, but because they’re important.

This is not your typical classroom teacher, I’m a filmmaker, and I will take you in a journey in which we also talk about stuff you should do while filming so when you reach the editing stage it goes smoother.



Download Links:-


Mirror :-

Davinci Resolve 15_Editing.part1.rar
Davinci Resolve 15_Editing.part2.rar
Davinci Resolve 15_Editing.part3.rar
Davinci Resolve 15_Editing.part4.rar
Davinci Resolve 15_Editing.part5.rar
Mirror :-










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