Skillshare – Mastering Duotones in Photoshop

Level up your toning skills and create your very best duotones yet with our in-depth guide to creating trendy duotones in different moods.
Duotones and gradient overlays are everywhere now, and to make them look just right it takes a little bit of practice and some skill. It is more than just slapping a gradient map over an image! Besides the use of duotones in photography, duotoning is a powerful colouring technique which can be used to bring to life black & white designs, illustrations or sketches, or simplify and make more graphic originally full-colour images.

I am Evgeniya Righini-Brand, and for this class I put together my skills and experience as both graphic designer and photographer, to step-by-step walk you through the process of creating eye-catching trendy duotones in Photoshop.

In this class I’ll show:

how to prepare images to make them pop when they are toned;
where to look for colour inspiration and how to pair colours to create different looks of both modern trendy and classic photographic toning;
how to apply duotones and gradient overlays to any types of individual images or multi-image compositions;
how to optimise your workflow by managing presets and creating and using toning actions;
and how to prepare your images for web and print using both process and spot colours.
At the end I’ll also share a few tips for taking your duotones further.
This class is for graphic and web designers, illustrators and photographers who are looking to add an edge to their work and make a statement through the trendy graphic look and use of exciting colour combinations. Whether you want to create your very first duotone image or perfect your toning skills and workflow, this is the class for you!



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