The Portrait Masters – The Retouching Series: Retouching Fundamentals by Pratik Naik

Start with a step-by-step tour of the tools you’ll be using the most often while you retouch. Even if you think you know these tools already, Pratik goes into full detail on how to use them efficiently to achieve the best results in your portraits!

Lessons & topics covered in this class:
Game Plan – How to know what to fix, and making a game plan.
Actions – This lesson will show you how to use the Photoshop Actions provided with this class.
Keyboard Shortcuts – All about keyboard shortcuts and why they are the holy grail to making Photoshop fast and fun.
Photoshop Performance – Learn how to make Photoshop work as fast as possible.
Healing, Spot Healing, and Patch Tools – All about the healing brush, spot healing brush, and patch tool.
Clone Brush – Learn all about the clone brush tool.
Wacom Tablets – Learn about Wacom Tablets and their settings.
Brush Tool – All about the brush tool and flow & opacity.
Masking – What you need to know about masking.
Adjustment Layers – Learn how to use Adjustment Layers.
Dodge & Burn – All about dodge and burn.
Liquify – Learn all the ins and outs of the Liquify tools
Helper Layers – Learn how to use “helper layer” to see problem areas easier and in return, retouch faster.
Sharpening – Learn the different ways to sharpen, and some of Pratiks favorite methods for print and web!

Included : 1080p MP4, PSD files



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