World Creator 2.1.0 for Unity

World Creator is a real-time terrain generator which is industry proven by many game, movie and artwork companies. World Creator (formerly called GeoControl) is a professional and powerful procedural terrain and landscape generating software developed by BiteTheBytes from Germany. It is mainly used to create vivid and lifelike virtual 3D environment for games, movies and artworks. With the creative tools, efficiency improvement, real-time editor, random terrain generation and so on features, World Creator makes the creation of terrains and landscapes become easier, faster and more fun.

The terrain types that World Creator can generate are so many and complex that they are completely beyond our imagination. That includes: hills, mountains, ridged mountains, terraces, canyons, moons, deserts, straight hills, plains, asteroid, sand dunes and many more. In particular, it comes with a lot of filters that can be applied and combined to create any terrain & landscape types with infinite possibilities. Every filter provides many setting parameters, and each of them will affect the terrain rending result in real time. This enables users to completely control the terrain environment in the whole design process.

World Creator Professional a plugin extension specially developed based on World Creator for Unity. It is able to utilize World Creator’s most advanced procedural techniques to efficiently produce pretty realistic, high-quality terrains, landscapes and so on 3D world environments for creating games, movies or artworks using Unity. These abilities include: CPU Multi-Threading, 100% Unity terrain, IN and OUT, Import RAW 8, RAW 16, PNG, JPG files, Export to OBJ, RAW 8, RAW 16, PNG, JPG files, Terrain splitting capabilities, Relief Terrain Pack (link) compatible, World Streamer (link) compatible, Support of custom terrain shaders, and more.

What this Package Includes
• World Creator Professional Plugin
• World Creator Filter Pack 1
• World Creator Filter Pack 2
• 7 Heightmaps
• 100 Textures from
• Full Mountain Trees Pack (7 Trees)
• Full Realistic Tree Pack 1 (43 Trees)
• 8 Noise Textures
• 15 Grass Detail Textures
• 5 Flower Detail Textures

Supported Applications
• Blender
• Cinema 4D
• Cry-Engine
• Godot
• Houdini
• Leadwerks
• LightWave
• Lumberyard
• Max
• Maya
• MudBox
• Substance
• Terragen
• Unigine
• Unity
• Unreal
• Vue
• ZBrush

Supported File Formats
RAW (8, 16, and 32 bit), R16 (16 bit), R32 (32 bit), JPG (8 bit), PNG (8 and 16 bit), TGA (8 bit), TIF / TIFF (8 and 16 bit), TER (Terragen), ASC, OBJ, HGT, and more
RAW (8, 16, and 32 bit), R16 (16 bit), R32 (32 bit), JPG (8 bit), PNG (8 and 16 bit), TGA (8 bit), TIF / TIFF (8 and 16 bit), TER (Terragen), XYZ, OBJ, and more

Installation Notes
Download and install World Creator Professional plugin in Unity
Copy the unlocked file to “..\Assets\WorldCreator\Engine\” folder and overwrite



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