Cubebrush – Create your Own Hulk Vol.1: Body Modeling

Are you a student, professional or amateur and wish to become a digital artist? Do you want to develop skills for the creation of high quality 3d characters in the Movies, Digital Animation and Videogames industries? If your answer is yes, this course is for you! In this volume, I will teach you how to sculpt realistic muscles, taking care of shapes and details in order to create the incredible Hulk body fan art. Through 57 classes you’ll learn everything you need to model an anatomically correct and amazing character.

In this course you’ll find the following topics: -Norms -Masks -Polygroups -Zremesher -Projection detail -Pectorals – Deltoid -Trapezius -Teres and infraspinatus -Dorsal -Serratus -Abs -Torso -Arms -Legs -Ear modeling -Nose modeling -Mouth modeling -Head creation -Integration of all components of the face and the head for a professional result.



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Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part1.rar
Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part2.rar
Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part3.rar
Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part4.rar
Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part5.rar
Hulk En Vol.1 Body Modeling.part6.rar



Mirror :-










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