Simplify3D 4.1.0 Win x64

updated version of Simplify3D is a special program designed to prepare models for 3D printing, with great functionality to get the best print quality.

No longer need to have many applications for various tasks.
With Simplify3D you can import and export models, cut, slice, and send to print in minutes. The program is suitable for most 3D-printers.

Simplify3D has a huge number of settings for every taste, and also has the ability to print from a USB flash drive or SD card. Slice your models in seconds, not even minutes.
Simplify3D is the fastest Slicer on the market, allowing you to easily and quickly perform a large number of iterations to get the best result.

Creating supports has become even easier. The program automatically creates support based on the corners, and also allows you to add or delete them as needed.

Customize the layout, dimensions and angles for your supports. Remove support without damaging the part. Create great two-tone models with the Simplify 3Ds Dual Extrusion wizard.
The program allows you to make clear color transitions, and create high-quality details and color gamut. Download multi-part models.

Easily manipulate and print them, allowing you to save time and increase efficiency.
Choose print mode layered or sequential. Change the parameters such as layer thickness, temperature, size for each part. Stop wasting time and money on unsuccessfully printed objects.



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