Skillshare – 3D Medical Animation in Autodesk Maya

Have you wanted to learn 3D and create unique visuals while doing it? This course is a project-based approach to teaching some unique problem-solving skills you will face when creating medical animation.

I’ll show you exactly what to do to create four different categories of medical animation:

Cell Division
Blood Flow (Heart-shape bonus series too)

This course is for all levels of experience.

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest watching the Maya Intro video and then skip to making the Beginner DNA, then move on to Chromosomes.

If you’re more advanced, you could skip straight to either the Advanced DNA series or the Blood Flow series.

Each series covers different techniques and approaches to creating medical animation. Even if you’re not interested in medical animation specifically I think this project-based course is a great way to learn 3D animation and Autodesk Maya.



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3D Medical Animation in Maya.part1.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part2.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part3.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part4.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part5.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part6.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part7.rar
3D Medical Animation in Maya.part8.rar



Mirror :-










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