Udemy – Photoshop Visualisation for Architects

Architectural Representation is key to a good architectural project understanding. Today, there are tons of 3d render engines that can make your project renders in less than a second, but we all know it can sometimes get very technical and confusing. Although it is important to learn all these programs we also need to know what other options we have. That is where Photoshop comes in. Some of you have probably heard that you can do anything in Photoshop! and it´s true. Well, you can do architectural renders using only photoshop, and here you are going to learn how this is done.

By using only a line image from our sketchup model, we are going to learn and see how to make an architectural image.

*Adjusting your 3d Model

*Mood Board

* Sketch Reference

*Exporting to Photoshop

* Downloading your Textuers

*Foreground Textures

*Background Textures

*Building Textures

*Adding Trees

*Light and Shadows

*Final Adjustments



Download Links:-




Mirror :-

Photoshop Visualisation for Architects.part1.rar
Photoshop Visualisation for Architects.part2.rar
Photoshop Visualisation for Architects.part3.rar

Mirror :-











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