3D Artist Issue 127

Ralph Breaks 3D Artist! For a break away from his latest film release, Wreck-It Ralph has entered the realm of 3D Artist magazine but unfortunately, he’s broken our masthead! While we wait for Fix-It Felix Jr to reconstruct our front cover, we’ve spoken to Walt Disney Animation Studios to discover just how they’ve re-rendered the phenomenal film for a sequel. We’ve also got an expert collection of amazing animation tips and techniques so you can make better animations, too!

James Clarke has also jumped into hyperspace at ILM London to talk behind the scenes at their new office. We’ve also put on our mocap suits to see what lies in the future of motion capture.

Our expert tutorials this month are led by creative studio abSketches who gives us a masterclass in arch viz, Rainer Duda who teaches a UE4 guide on making cinematic holograms like in Blade Runner 2049, Stefan Kang who creates procedural lightning storms in Houdini, Milan Bojanic who makes an expressive face for a character and Alejandro Trevino goes over creating masterful UVs in Blender.

We also speak to effects TD Sarah Beth Eisinger and IKINEMA founder Alexandre Pechev, review Cinema 4D R20 and KeyShot 8 and more!

Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more that are also on our FileSilo. This issue it includes free models from TurboSquid to celebrate their contest Dystopia/Utopia as well an exclusive video tutorial by Erwann Trebaol of Ubisoft on Keyhydra.




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