Cubebrush – PolyWorks: Full Pack

An enormous Low Poly asset pack of props and environment assets to create stylised games in a huge variety of genres!

All pieces are modular and designed to be combined with others to create variety and enable your creativity.
Drag and position pieces together to achieve unique and beautiful results for your levels in very little time.

A massive 1,537 models, each with a prefab in their version available shaders, designed to be incredibly flexible and new user friendly.

This pack contains all models and parts from our other themed packs, and is always updated with the contents of new packs when they are released.

? Contents: ?
87 x Abstract Building Blocks
2 x Ambient Animals
98 x Boardgame Components
24 x Bones
4 x Bridges
120 x Building Components
16 x Clouds
6 x Coral
35 x Crystals
73 x Dungeon Components
19 x Fence Pieces
9 x Fruit / Vegetables
35 x Grave Pieces
9 x Handrails
78 x General Props
138 x Rocks
25 x Ruins Pieces
163 x Sci-Fi Components
12 x Statues
286 x Terrain Components
288 x Vegetation Components (Trees, Shrubs, Mushrooms, Vines, etc.)
2 x Ambient Vehicles
8 x Water Planes

26 x Demo Scenes
33 x Example Combination Prefabs

Vertex Colour Batch Shader (Non-SRP)
Unlit Shader (Non-SRP)
PBR Shader (Non-SRP)
Toon Shader (Non-SRP)
Distortion Shader (Non-SRP)

Low Poly Water system (Non-SRP)



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