Frenden – Photoshop inking brushes

Photoshop doesn’t do well at interpreting light tablet pressure. Making thick-to-thin strokes requires a lot more care and deliberate line control than would even be necessary with an analog sable brush and real ink. It blows out pressure at the low end leaving feathered lines difficult to create.

BLOB. Line. Line. Line. BLOB.

You get the idea. Since around the time of the Photoshop CS6 Beta, I’ve attempted to create a brush that combats these shortcomings by dropping out some of the lowest pressure mark-making with a combination of flow and texture settings.

The result is a brush that, while not 100% opaque at the lightest marks, provides a hell of a lot more fidelity and control. To my knowledge, no one else has used this technique to create inking tools. The response from peers who’ve tested the set has been unanimously positive.

Pointy tip. Line. Line. Line. Pointy tip.




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