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What is Hard Ops?

Hard Ops is a toolkit aimed at assisting users with everything from modelling to rendering. Hard Ops is optimized for usage in working full screen and with no UI. With tools ranging from boolean based cutting workflows to interactive mirroring, Hard Ops is aimed at assisting users at all aspects of the pipeline to ensure tools are always within a finger-press or click.

Through many collaborations with artists and coders all over the world Hard Ops brings a world class hard surface experience to Blender.

With the vast array of options you are guaranteed to be modelling faster than ever before with more efficiency and readiness to make art without a UI to weigh down the creative experience.

What are some of the features?

Some features worth noting in Hard Ops is:

expanded boolean functionality
mesh sharpening system
modifier / material popup systems
interactive mirroring system
visual notification system / interactive ribbons
render presets for rendering simplification
UV display in 3d view
destructive and non-destructive workflows

and much much more…

With Hard Ops alone you can go all the way from cube to final result. The workflows we present have been refined, dissected, and streamlined for users of all disciplines to make the tools work for them. Our support for other tools in the field also remains unmatched with multiple levels of support for popular tools. We stand by the philosophy that you can perform any of the functions using Blender alone but we offer the ability to do it faster and make it a process that users can enjoy and digest easier. Less time fighting UI and panels while looking for options and more time looking at stunning renders.

What makes BoxCutter unique?

There are other tools that do this to a basic extent but what sets Boxcutter apart is the ability to create and cut at the same time with minimal user input. This makes the process of cutting for concept quicker than you could have ever imagined.This has allowed us to more creatively manage this gap in the process to allow users to do many different things you can’t do anywhere else.

What can BoxCutter do?

– visually draw and cut using box, circle, and ngon allowing for a bevy of cuts and slices

– dynamically bevel / array / solidify in 3d

– bevel individual points

– grab / rotate / scale shapes in 2d

– cut, slice, inset, project cut and

– union and subtraction cutting

– copy and paste 2d shapes

– material cutting via Hard Ops connectivity

and much much more.



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  1. Obrigado por este presente x (Thank you for this gift.)

    No anuncio está assim, mais na verdade a versão do HARD OPS é até mais recente é a HARD OPS 0097.3

    mais acabou de ser lançado 12/12/18 CUTTER V7.0.6 e HARD OPS 0097.4
    mais uma vez obrigado.

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