Sue Bryce Photography – Retouching: Painterly Tones & Editing

This class is an exploration of the soft painterly edit.

As we are learning we have visions to create something. I always get my inspiration from movies. I create drawings of mine and then make time for play shooting, or wait for the perfect client to walk through the door.

It starts with light & styling. Choosing the correct aperture that you can enhance blur in the right places. Pick your tones and print. This look is perfect for dance and creative romantic portraits.

Join me as I walk you through my process of setting the image tone from RAW file to Photoshop and then to choosing the final tones and colors.





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Sue Bryce Photography – Retouching Painterly Tones & Editing.part1.rar
Sue Bryce Photography – Retouching Painterly Tones & Editing.part2.rar



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