Skillshare – Polymodeling in Houdini

You will learn modeling in the best VFX application: Houdini.

This course focuses on Polymodeling (not procedural modeling, although we ill be borrowing some of the intelligence of procedural modeling). It is the same modeling you would find in Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Blender…

Houdini stands out with several unique power aspects, one of them is procedural modeling. You need to know Houdini also does great polymodeling.





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Mirror :-

Polymodeling in Houdini.part1.rar
Polymodeling in Houdini.part2.rar
Polymodeling in Houdini.part3.rar
Polymodeling in Houdini.part4.rar
Polymodeling in Houdini.part5.rar

Mirror :-






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