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Rama_s Melee Weapon Plugin.rar
Spell and Damage System 4.21.rar

Ivy Foliage Pack 4K v4.21

This pack contains 7 mesh, 2 textures, and 1 material. You can use this pack as foliage on buildings, or on ground.

Technical Details

Texture Sizes:

1 4K Difuse
1 4K Normalmap

Collision: No

Vertex Count: 120-30

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 7

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1

Number of Textures: 2

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Asset version: 4.21

Rama’s Melee Weapon Plugin

This plugin adds a melee weapon system to your game with customizable per-bone collision detection!

Rama’s Melee Weapon plugin has these powerful Features:

1. Ability to specify exactly which parts of a weapon’s physics asset deal damage.

2. Complete control over which parts of a swing animation deal the damage, allowing you to ignore the wind up and wind down from a swing animation, through the use of UE4 animation notifies.

3. Per-bone accuracy, so you can know exactly which bones of a character mesh were hit by the weapon!

4. My very own custom PhysX core coding, so that efficient volume shapes are used to represent the weapon’s collision as it swings through the air. I went deep into Nvidia’s PhysX system and wrote a lot of custom code to make this system as efficient and customizeable as possible! I added a lot of code to draw PhysX shapes in the editor and during runtime so you can see exactly what my Rama Melee Plugin is doing!

5. The whole system can be utilized entirely in Blueprints, but my plugin includes all the source code so you can extend every part of my system, including the hardcore PhysX coding! I have many videos demonstrating the usefulness and mechanics of this plugin here.

Technical Details

List of Modules:

• RamaMeleePlugin (Runtime)

Intended Platforms: Desktop, should work in VR no issue, and on console and Mobile as the product mainly works with PhysX engine + Blueprints

Platforms Tested: Desktop

Spell and Damage System v4.21

The system is designed to be used with any game that needs advanced damage system. This includes RPG, FPS, MOBA, MMOs … The spell system is built on top of the damage system so you can use either one or both if you want to. Spell casting system is also included!

Core features:
– different spell type templates: projectile, lock-on projectile, direct spell, area of effect, spell following ground, link spell
– enhanced damage system with very flexible modifiers (buff and debuffs): increase/decrease of damage, healing, critical strike, critical strike chance …
– modifiers also effect other properties of the actor: speed, casting speed, movement, is it in control …
– working examples with unique effects: there are over 15 unique game-ready spells and modifiers implemented
– full support for networked game with prediction
– casting component with proper resource handling that makes it easy to also cast abilities
– built so it is easy to setup and prototype
– data based spell, ability casting and modifier description so you can load properties from cvs file
Technical Details

The package contains (without Demo content):
– Blueprint Library for extended damage system (can be used separately from the spells, only depends on the modifiers)
– 12 Blueprints
– 3 Blueprint interfaces
– 3 Blueprint structures
– 27 particle effects (explosions are modified Epic’s assets needed for the demo but other are unique), 34 materials and material instances used mostly by particle effects
– 3 vector fields

Demo example contains working examples of spells where some, but far from all possibilities are used. The demo content also contains fully functional character that uses the casting system. A very simple user interface is also implemented. All the above features fully support networking.

The system also has extended documentation with 13 tutorial blueprints that give you the overview of the system and help you make your first spell/modifier or character cast something.

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