BlenderMarket – Photorealistic eye generator – 2.8 + eevee update

Updated version 1.2 for blender 2.8 support + eevee render support

Do you have problems getting unique eyes for each of your characters? Do you want an eye of photorealistic quality which can be used even in close proximity shots? Look no further, this is your product and never again will the eyes be a worry.

Infinite eyes

This is a generator of procedural eyes (mathematically generated) based on cycles nodes for Blender, this is able to generate both the part of the iris and the sclera. The part of the iris besides the bump map also works as a displacement map, to get more realistic results. With this product you will be able to generate infinite photorealistic quality eyes.

Easy to use

The generator is designed for both professional and personal use, being very easy to use.Its operation is so simple that you can get all the textures of your eye, just by pressing the F12 key once you have adjusted the parameters to your liking.Because this system is based on a complex node tree, it is possible to modify it, but you must take into account that it has been the product of more than six months of work, so the changes inside its structure can give results not wanted.



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Mirror :-

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  1. RAPID GATOR is a shit link. If you go to take a piss for a second, (it times out) and you have to wait an hour to download again. Unbelievable.

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