Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender

In this tutorial/walkthrough i am showing my current design workflow.

-Rough thumbnails in Photoshop

-3d Block in with Blender

-Paintover the rough 3d to define a more specific design direction

-Finalizing the design in 3d with Blender 2.79

-Rendering with Octane Standalone (i have added some guides for rendering with Cycles too in the Blender Crash Course video)

Over 5 hours of video. Almost all of them have narration in english. The mech design videos are speed up most of the time and the techniques that i have used are explained in realtime in the intro to blender video





Download Links:-






Mirror :-

Mirror :-

Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part1.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part2.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part3.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part4.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part5.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part6.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part7.rar
Gumroad – Mech Design With Blender.part8.rar










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