Udemy – Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Techniques

Learn to edit videos from beginning to end using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Techniques, absolutely for beginners.
What you’ll learn

This course uses the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
You will learn from the basics about Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
You will learn to edit videos from beginning to end
You will learn and practice editing using high resolution 4k videos
Learn to organize videos in sequence
Learn to cut videos that are not needed
Learn to add transitions to the clip
Learn to add logos to the project
Learn to add effects to the clip
Learn to add universal counting leaders
Learn to add various kinds of titles
Learn to make slow motion and fast motion videos
Learn to add audio to the project
Learn to make a picture in picture video
Learn to make animated picture in picture
Learn fast rendering techniques with the best results


You have to install Adobe Premiere Pro first on your computer
Files for training have also been provided and you must download them first so they can be used for practice
To be proficient quickly you have to take step-by-step training
This course uses the latest adobe premiere pro cc 2019, you can also try it with other versions cs3, cs4, cs5, or cs6


Start editing professionally using adobe premiere pro cc 2019

If you are looking for an application to edit videos properly, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Premiere Pro is used by users all over the world, due to its ease of use. Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing, music to documentaries.

You will learn the workflow from Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, from entering videos, cutting, adding logos, adding transitions, adding titles, adding effects, making images in pictures, adding music and creating final files

In this course covers all the things you need to know in editing videos

Download Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Create A New Project

Import Video Into Project Windows

Create New Sequence From Clips

How To Cut The Clips Too Long

Add Transition Into Clips

Add Logo Into Clips

Add Crop Effects Into Clips

Making Universal Counting Leader

Making Title In Front Of Clips

Making Crawl Text Running Form Righy To Left

Making Slow Motion And Fast Motion Clips

Making Final Title

Add Audio Into Sequence

Making Picture In Picture

Making Picture In Picture with Animation

Making Building Previews

Final Render

Who this course is for:

Students who want to learn about video editing
Beginner students who have never used Adobe Premiere Pro
Other editing software users who want to try switching to Adobe Premiere Pro
People who want to be able to edit the results of the video documentation themselves



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Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Techniques.part08.rar
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