Unity Pro 2019.2.0 a4 Win

System Requirements Changes
Nothing changed.

Android: Android App Bundles: Added APK files size validation when generated AAB file is larger than some threshold

Editor: Visual Studio (Windows): Double clicking on C# compile messages in the console window will now open the corresponding C# file at both line and column, previously only at the line.

Editor: Visual Studio Code: Double clicking on C# compile messages in the console window will now open the corresponding C# file at both line and column, previously only at the line

GI: GPU agnostic lightmap denoiser that works across all our editor platforms.

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes
Android: Raise minimum Vulkan API version for Adreno drivers to 1.0.38.

Editor: UGui Objects are now using ObjectFactory and default Presets when created from the GameObject menu in the Editor.

Graphics: When using SRP, added Rendering Layer Mask to Lights as a filtering option during shadow passes (similar to Renderers Rendering Layer Masks).

Scripting: Make the GarbageCollector.GCMode property only throw an exception on unsupported platforms when trying to change it’s value, not when reading it.

Android: Bundletool is updated up to version 0.7.2.
Android: Mimic TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput by drawing input field outside the screen, when this property is true.

Asset Import: Compressor Quality can now be set in the texture asset import settings for BC6H and BC7 formats allowing compression quality to be traded for import speed.

Editor: Added a message box whenever the OS fails to delete an asset when deleted from the Project Browser view.

Editor: Reduced the number of key presses in order to start a rebind in the Shortcut manager (from 3 to 2).

GI: Added a ‘None’ mode for emissive GI contribution in the standard shader GUI.

GI: Reduced GPU memory footprint for GPU lightmapper when baking lighting, by compressing normal vectors and albedo.

GI: The Optix AI denoiser is now supported with GPU Lightmapper.

GI: Upgraded Optix AI Denoiser to version 6. This new version has better performance and a lower memory footprint.

Graphics: Added support for Dynamic Resolution Scaling to the Lightweight Rendering Pipeline.

Graphics: Metal: Defer creation of command buffers and render encoders until actually needed.

Graphics: SRP batcher is now supported on Xbox, DirectX11.

Graphics: SRP hooks added for detail rendering shaders.

ps4: Improved PS4 Additional content to support multiple products.

Scripting: Enable incremental Garbage Collection in editor.

Shaders: Moved 38 builtin keywords to local keywords. Shaders inspector now shows used global/local keywords by shader.

XR: Move Google VR Cardboard and Daydream support to a package and Update to verision 1.180.



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