Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win

Filter Forge is a powerful graphic software allowing you to generate textures, enhance photos and apply visual effects to your images. It can be used as a standalone program or as a plugin under Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Affinity and other host application.

New Features Added in Filter Forge 8

Filter Forge 8 adds tabs to the main window, similar to web browsers. You can load a separate filter and source image in each tab and render them simultaneously.Read More…Image Metadata Preservation

Image Metadata Preservation
Thanks to the rewritten image saving procedures, Filter Forge 8.0 will preserve all image metadata when applying an effect to your image: GPS tags, camera model, DPI, and other info.Read More…Backup and Restore Your Filters and Setting

Backup and Restore Your Filters and Settings
Filter Forge 8 adds a built-in tool to back up installed filters, presets, favorites and other settings to a single file, to be restored later onto another computer or operating system, or a newer Filter Forge version.



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Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win.part1.rar
Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win.part2.rar
Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win.part3.rar
Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win.part4.rar
Filter Forge 8.0 Pro Win.part5.rar



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