Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set vol.1

This is a 100+ piece set of Floors, Fillers, Walls, and Tubes (all libraries combined) ready to be used for high poly additions to your models/concepts.

– I’ve included “master” Max 2014 files that contain all the objects. All meshes are named appropriately with basic material.

– obj’s were exported with no smoothing applied so they can be imported into maya, zbrush, etc. easily. (please note that I have only tested the obj’s in zbrush and maya, so some adjustments to the obj’s might be needed based on what package is being used)

– paste the .ZBP files into your startup/brush presets folder, start Zbrush and enjoy!

– Soft Kitbash.ZTL – Splitted to subtools with different polygroups. Ready for zbrush=)

– 20 minutes of time lapse. Kitbash_tutorial.mp4 and Kitbash_process.mp4 I’ll show you my process of creating these models.

– 70+ height/alpha maps, all 2048×2048 16bit in tiff as well as jpeg.



Download Links:-






Mirror :-

Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part1.rar
Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part2.rar
Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part3.rar
Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part4.rar
Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part5.rar
Gumroad – Soft Kitbash Set.part6.rar



Mirror :-








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