Redshift3D Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For Houdini x64 Win

What’s new in Redshift 2.6.41:

* [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the bgeo instancefile instancing.
* [Houdini] Addressed the behavior of the additional beauty AOVs to render them by default without configuring them as remainder.
* [Houdini] Addressed some additional issues found with the RenderView OCIO file UNC paths.
* [Houdini] The camera selected in the RenderView can now be updated from the viewports when it is locked.
* [Houdini] Fixed the flickering of some RenderView buttons while updating the scene view or parameters.
* [Houdini] Added the light group feature to the RS Portal lights.
* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.28 that forced global volume height fog to appear fully fogged when looking at the environment through the fog plane
* Added ‘Spread’ option to Portal lights
* Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.39 that could cause a crash when exporting embedded volumes in proxies
* Fixed bug where tessellation would produce wrong results on meshes using more than 2 deformation steps

To head off the all the incoming comments of how this crack don’t work, try this.

1. I did a fresh Houdini installation
2. set up my env file? something like the following:


PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH”
HOUDINI_PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/${HOUDINI_VERSION};&”

3. Install Redshift as suggested by tpfumefx
4. Launch Houdini from the desktop icon created by Houdini installation.

NOTE: Launching Houdini from the Start menu and Taskbar will freeze Houdini

Reported to work on
Houdini 17.5.229
Houdini 17.5.173
Houdini 17.0.416



Download Links:-





Mirror :-

RR V.2.6.41 For Houdini x64 Win.part1.rar
RR V.2.6.41 For Houdini x64 Win.part2.rar



Mirror :-










14 thoughts on “Redshift3D Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For Houdini x64 Win

  1. This horrible crack, ruined all my other Redshifts, that I had installed on Maya, 3ds Max, and both C4D R19 and R20. It worked the first time on C4D R19, but caused R20 to hang forever, while opening up, and it never opened no matter what I did. Then, I went and uninstalled this version and tried to install the older version. And it did something to my system, where I can’t install the older Redshifts on any of the programs again. It gives you a warning about a (Node Locked License) before installing, where they ask that you understand before saying “Yes”. And when you do, you are screwed. It takes over whatever previous Redshifts you may have had and won’t let you install them again. Even after a “System Restore”, it won’twork! Now it tells me the password and user name are invalid, when they were working before.

  2. Sorry not this one. I meant the other Redshift, you have here for C4D………… “NOT HOUDINI”.

  3. Thank you guys

    It kinda works for me too, on Houdini 17.5.229, 3dsmax 2016 and 2017, and Maya 2017. Don’t have C4D installed
    just edited the Houdini.env file instead of the windows system and environment variables, and it works.

    followed TPF instructions in order as well

    Not editing the Houdini.env file, and solely relying on the windows environment variables gives an error when launching Houdini, however, REdshift appears in menus but is broken and unusable.

    Not tested Mplay yet

  4. @morgo
    I have Houdini 17.5.229 but during redshift 2.6.41 installation , houdini check mark is greyed out? :(((

    I have same version as you but you Can :((((((((

      1. Yes
        just install redshift as it is even is greyed out and do the crack as said

        then edit the houdini enviroment as this :

        PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH”
        HOUDINI_PATH = “C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Plugins\Houdini\17.5.229;&”

        the directory of houdini enviroment is :
        C:\Users\ (your user ) \Documents\houdini17.5

        there is a file “houdini” open it as notepad and add thoes three lines at the end

        then open houdini you should see the redshift menu above

        1. Farrokh i am getting this error while lauching houdini

          ERROR: Couldn’t find ‘SI_ColorEditor.ui’ for reading. Looked in:

  5. This one is working until version 17.5 and it’s not working for Version 18.0.416 even in the installation you will not find version 18 in the installing menu for houdini can you please add a Redshift for Houdini 18.0+

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