Substance Alchemist 0.6.1 RC.1-150 Win x64

Substance Alchemist is a next-generation tool dedicated to material authoring, exploration, and management. Different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) help you manage entire material libraries and export them to other applications.

Tweak and mix existing materials
Bring elements together to create a new, fully parametric material.

Extract new materials from scans
Create a material from a single or multiple images.

Import and use filters
Create your filter in Substance Designer.




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Substance Alchemist 0.6.1 RC.1-150 Win x64.part1.rar
Substance Alchemist 0.6.1 RC.1-150 Win x64.part2.rar



Mirror :-










One thought on “Substance Alchemist 0.6.1 RC.1-150 Win x64

  1. Good morning,
    I downloaded the two WinRar files from your site: “Substance_Alchemist_0.6.1_RC.1-150_Win_x64.part1” and “Substance_Alchemist_0.6.1_RC.1-150_Win_x64.part2”,
    then I tried several times to open them with the program WinRar but it gives me error and there is no possibility to work around the problem ….., what can I do?
    Is there a particular procedure?
    Thank you

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