Skillshare – Learn Photoshop 3D and create unimaginable graphics

Hey guys! So if any of you was wondering what exactly you can do with Photoshop’s 3D effects this class will help you understand the essentials and also create a really cool futuristic sunglasses.

Get the project files here or in the resources are of this class

You will learn:

Creating 3D shape of any layer in Photoshop
Adding texture to 3D shapes in Photoshop
Transforming 3D objects in Photoshop
Working with 3D layers in general
Retouching 3D objects
Correcting colors to give it a realistic look



Download Links:-




Mirror :-

Learn Photoshop 3D and create unimaginable graphics.part1.rar
Learn Photoshop 3D and create unimaginable graphics.part2.rar
Learn Photoshop 3D and create unimaginable graphics.part3.rar
Learn Photoshop 3D and create unimaginable graphics.part4.rar

Mirror :-


Download Learn_Photoshop_3D_and_create_unimaginable_graphics.part1.rar from
Download Learn_Photoshop_3D_and_create_unimaginable_graphics.part2.rar from
Download Learn_Photoshop_3D_and_create_unimaginable_graphics.part3.rar from
Download Learn_Photoshop_3D_and_create_unimaginable_graphics.part4.rar from






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