Skillshare – Sketchup Layout: Introduce your 3D models

Layout is a layout software that is installed together with Sketchup Pro and Style Builder software. This software allows you to produce 2D views and make professional layouts from your SketchUp models as well as other files such as images. With this tool you will be able to present your work, make layouts, covers, a folder architecture and more. Indeed when we just use Sketchup and we want to present his work it is not easy to make several types of backup or to fetch external software. That’s why Layout was created, to present the models directly with ergonomic software that takes the basics of Sketchup.

The advantages of working on Layout in addition to Sketchup

– Creation of complete documents composed of several pages.

– Creation of project coverage

– 2D plan creation

– Cutting scale creation

– Display of several orthogonal or perspective 2D views of the same Sketchup model on the same page

– Ability to insert 2D plan, section, or scale elevation views from multiple SketchUp models

– Added linear and angular dimensions to the scale, without having to go through Sketchup

– Adding text and adding annotation

– Predefined templates of very interesting presentations

– Many drawing tools using the same principle as Sketchup to create designs and pages

– Vector drawing with tools

– Addition of symbols

– Export in image and PDF format

The training program

In this training I will show you how to use Layout for your Sketchup models. We will first see how to use all drawing tools, on the same principle as in Sketchup. How to manage the parameters, understand the layers or the system of the pages. We will see how to start from a model or start from scratch for the creation of a project. I will also show you how to create views in Sketchup and prepare your document for import into Layout. Then we will work through concrete examples. That is to say the realization of brochure, presentation document on architectural projects, garden or object. This will help you understand how the Layout software works.


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