Rebelway – Intro to Houdini FX

Tools: Houdini 18 & Houdini 16.5

This workshop has been completely updated with an entire new project that involves a building destruction and lots of particle based, smoke, pyro and rbd FX.
This new content is going to be used as an example to show students how the provided knowledge can be used to create a finished fx shot.
This new content will also be used to provide updates to everything Houdini 18 has to offer.
Due to this update and extra content the workshop is now much bigger and denser, approximately 14 weeks packed onto 10 weeks and we will provide guiding video on how to work through the content effectively.
The goal of this workshop is to get someone who never used Houdini before to become comfortable with the application and it’s various layers as-well producing high quality FX.
Notes: we are still working on the content and we may add or remove few topics depending on what we think is best for the student.
The promo trailer uses a lot of nuke compositing and in this workflow we will show a simple composite of everything, a more advanced/dedicate nuke workshop will cover compositing these types of shots/fx in more details.

This course is designed for people who have a good understanding of CG and interested in gaining a full understanding of Houdini and how to properly utilize it’s capacity to create particles FX, water simulation, destruction and volume simulation.The course will also cover in depth how to render the various FX elements and how to composite them using Houdini COPs
We will be creating a variety of FX and with each topic we will cover a specific part of Houdini and learn how to work with a handful of nodes
We will have an interior scene to start with where we will design various particle while learning how create complex visuals and understand how particle simulation works
We will then continue and start choreographing the destruction of this environment and learn how to fracture geometry and use Bullets
Once we destroy our environment we will create a huge flooding to understand and learn how water simulation works in Houdini
Then we will learn how to use volume and smoke simulation to create various smoke based FX to enhance what we’ve created in week 2
We will learn how to shade and render a variety of FX, including particles, volumes and water using mantra
After all the fx creation and rendering we will learn how to composite all these passes using Houdini COPs.
By the end of the 8th week the student should acquired a very deep understanding of how Houdini works and be able to create and render Particles FX, water simulation, destruction.

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Rebelway-Intro to Houdini FX.part09.rar
Rebelway-Intro to Houdini FX.part10.rar


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