QuadSpinner Gaea – Album

A new dawn for terrain design.
Sophisticated and modern terrain design software for apex results in moments.

Pioneering tools.
Gaea’s leading toolsets make realism a baseline. Streamlined workflows let you easily achieve your vision and work in tandem with your team.

Superior erosion.
The industry’s most advanced and flexible erosion algorithm empowers you to create unlimited unique and believable terrains.

Artist-centric experience.
Our ultra-modern interface and myriad conveniences stimulate creativity, not constrict it. Working in Gaea is fun and can help you set a new performance standard.

Realism out-of-the-box. Always.
Even the most basic shapes you create can be naturally authentic, original, and breathtaking. Our superior erosion suite gives you multiple ways to erode your terrains. All processes were designed for maximum appeal with minimum effort.

Primitive-based creation for instant results.
Primitives and other procedural tools let you put together an entire world fast. Choose from an arsenal of primitives, including hero mountain, mountain range, crater, and dunes – all pre-prepped for erosion.

Draw Mountains. Sculpt Erosion.
Gaea lets you draw mountains, islands, and continents of any shape and size. Directed Erosion allows you to sculpt erosion in high resolution for fine detailing – an industry first. Even when you sculpt by hand, it remains procedural.

Data Maps. Color Synthesis.
Unique Data Maps and color nodes are the foundation of Gaea’s color production process. By layering and combining these maps, you can create complex textures that rival actual satellite imagery. The Vegetation node lets you add delicate foliage cover, and the Synth node creates textures from an image with a single click.

Cutting-edge workflow.
Gaea offers three different workflows to support your task or mood. Whether prototyping, building complex terrains, or finetuning details, you can enjoy a dedicated, streamlined workflow environment that will ultimately save you time.

Command line builds. Deep automation.
Easily inject Gaea at any point in your pipeline with smart command line automation, logic nodes, and soon a full SDK.

Installation Instruction:
1. Install Gaea From Given Setup File Url

2. (Optional) In case if you don’t like this crack you may like to revert to your previous community version so make a backup copy of your Gaea.Build.exe, Gaea.Engine.dll, and Gaea.exe.

3. Copy and paste all the files in the zip to your installation directory… if you don’t do the step 2 then copy and replace the file…..

4. Enjoy…




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