Gumroad – Brush Set by Alexis Franklin and Stephane Wootha for Photoshop

Alexis Franklin
I use this set every single time I paint! I also tweak them, as I’m using them, and I highly suggest you do the same. Change the texture, shift the shape dynamics, play with the blend modes – Go crazy with those settings!

Stephane Wootha
My custom brushes and tool presets I use every day for sketching and production. These brushes are the result of years of careful design oriented toward specific purposes.

What’s inside: Around 80 custom brushes and mixer brush tool presets (ABR and TPL).

No Videos, only Brush files!

Download Links:-





Mirror :-



Mirror :-

Gumroad – Custom Brushes and Tool Presets by Stephane Wootha for Photoshop.rar
Gumroad – Brush Set by Alexis Franklin for Photoshop.rar










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