Photobash Collection 2020

Source is mostly Photobash with some Gumroad releases included.

Over 400 GB of reference photos for photobashing and materials.

Formats can be jpg png tiff

Abandoned Asylum
Abandoned Interiors
Aerial Skies
African Artifacts
Aircraft Cockpit
Aircraft Engine
Alanya Ruins
Alishan Mountains
American Jet Fighter
Anaga Mountains
Ancient Forest
Antique Firearms
Antique Shop
Arcade Cyberpunk
Armored Knights
Art Deco
Asian Market
Aztec Gold Relics
Black Beach
Blue City
Blue Skies
Bombs Explosives
Bullets Firearms
Chinese Town
City Skylines
Clay Cliffs
Coastal Dunes
Collector Cars
Crows And Ravens
Damaged Walls
Dead Coast
Dead Trees
Deciduous Trees
Derelict Car Park
Derelict Train Station
Dirty Alley
Dramatic Skies
Dueling Knights
Dusk Dawn Skies
Dust Clouds
Eastern Arms Armor
Egyptian Artifacts II
Egyptian Artifacts
Eilat Desert
Embers Sparks
Empty Hospital
Eroded Coastline
Fighter Pilot
Fire Flames II
Fire Flames
Flesh Skin
Florence City
French Castles
Futuristic Interiors
Gaudi Architecture
Gems Minerals
Goblin Valley
Golden Waterfall
grass photo pack
Green Valley
Halong Bay Reference Pack
Hanging Cables (Masked)
High Alps Pack
Hong Kong Cyberpunk
Hong Kong Skyline
Housing Blocks Brutalism
Hybrid Engine
Ice Lagoon
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Photopack
Icelandic Waterfalls
India Forts
India Gwalior
India Jodhpur
India Khajuraho
India Mosques
India Orchha
India Caves
India Countryside
India Tombs
Industrial Factory
Japan – photo reference pack
Japan Castles Temples
Japan Daytime Cities
Japan Nighttime Cities
Jousting Knights
Kyoto Temples
Landing Gear
Landshut Wedding Procession1a
Landshut Wedding Procession1b
Landshut Wedding Procession2a
Landshut Wedding Procession2b
LED Illumination
Lens Flares
Löwenburg Castle
Medieval Armor II
Medieval Armor
Medieval Camp
Medieval Keys
Medieval Props
Medieval Weapons
Middle Eastern Bazaar
Milan Cathedral
Misty Lagoon
moss photo pack
Mossy Bog
Mossy Flatlands
Neon Bokeh
Neuschwanstein Castle
New York Skyline
New Zealand Mountains
Noah-Bradley Scotland
Nordic Nature
Norway Fjords Mountains
Ornate Clockworks
Overgrown Castle
Overgrown Factory
Paris City
Parks Gardens
Petra Ruins
Pinewood Mountains
Pinewood Valley
Polynesian Artifacts
Porous Rocks
Prehistoric Garden
Prehistoric Plants
Pripyat Interiors
Quaint Neighborhood
Rain Particles
Red Canyon
Red Creek
Regal Ornaments
Rock photo pack
Rocky Coast
Rocky Hillside
Rooftop Structures (Masked)
Samurai Armor II
Samurai Armor
Sandstone City
Sandstone Ruins
Santorini Island
Scotland Cemetery
Scotland Gothic
Scottish Highlands
Shanghai Skyline
Shipping Containers
Shipyard Cranes
Skulls & Bones
Smoke II
Snowy Landscapes
Snowy Peaks
Soviet Jet Fighter
Space Equipment
Spirit Masks
Taiwan (Temples) – photo reference pack
Tech Robotics
Teutonic Castles
Thailand Bangkok
Thailand Jungles
Thailand Ruins
Thailand Towns Markets
Thermal Geysers
Tibetan Costumes
Times Square
Tokyo Cyberpunk II
Tokyo Cyberpunk
Trona Pinnacles
Tropical Hills
Turquoise River
Underground Facility
Venice Canals
Viking Architecture
Viking Outpost
Vintage Vehicles
Volcanic Desert 2
Volcanic Desert
War Artillery
War Machinery
War Vehicles
White Desert
White Forest
Wild West Props
Winter Waterfall
World War Weapons
Wrecked Plane





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Photobash Collection 2020



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  2. AAaaaaaah
    Thanks to the one who uploads these year bundles ! If there are true heroes in our world, then here they are.

  3. Can We get A thru E i.e. Abandonded Asylum thru Egyptian Artifacts uploaded to Rapidgator ? Thank you very much.

  4. You’re great. Unlike other shitty sites(posting each one everyday), you bundled this up as a great package. This is why i love here.

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