Art Heroes – Stylized Character Program

Create complex stylized characters
You’ll prove that you can create amazing pieces by making one from scratch

Work with anatomy and hard surface
You’ll develop a diverse skillset that is applicable in variety of projects

Add a professional piece to your portfolio
Create this piece in under 2 months and let it open you to more opportunities

Improve your workflow and learn tools
Get better at using Zbrush, learn tricks to optimize your workflow and implement it all right away

Work better under time constraints
It’s a high-pace and high-energy learning environment, very similar to real life projects!

Week 1: Blocking out the character
Starting from a sphere, you will look at the concept and learn to identify building blocks. On week one you will build basic anatomy.

Week 2: Focus on face and hands
On Week 2, you will build the most difficult parts of every character – face and body. You’ll make sure that she has a personality, too!

Week 3: Craft clothes
Piece by piece, you will create T-shirt, jacket, boots and pants for your character, ensuring she has all the details, and that the folds look right.

Week 4: Adding accessories
You’ve heard that details matter, right? During Weeks 4 we’ll create weapon, chains and other pieces that make the character complete.

Week 5: Beauty pass and topology
You will go over the character looking at your work as a whole, ensuring all pieces work together. We’ll also fix topology where necessary.

Week 6: Texturing and presentation
Finally, your moment of glory. By the end of week 6, you will have a complete character that you need to polish and pose.

Weeks 7-8: Final Project
Complete the final project and learn how to present your character for the win. Almost the most important part of the whole program – and long waited for!





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Mirror :-

Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part01.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part02.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part03.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part04.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part05.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part06.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part07.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part08.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part09.rar
Art_Heroes – Stylized Character Program.part10.rar










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