Cgcookie – Real Time Rendering in HDRP with Unity 2019

If you’re looking to create the best looking scenes for a real time environment in Unity then you need to be using HDRP. HDRP is the High Definition Render Pipeline and it gives you access to the best graphics and lighting settings you can get in Unity. In this course we’ll demystify the process of setting up an environment for use with the HDRP template, adding lights, and anything else you’d need to get a great looking scene.

Things you’ll learn how to do within HDRP include

Setting up an HDRI Skybox
The skybox serves to provide a starry environment when we look out the windows, but also provides proper HDR lighting through this same skybox.

Using Emissive Materials
Add an emissive glow to objects that can cast subtle light to nearby objects. This will be combined with actual lights to enhance their effect.

Area Lights and Reflections
Area lights will be added in-conjunction with physical light props that have emissive properties. This will ensure these objects look like the actual light source. Area lights are a great way to add custom lighting that can be reshaped to fit your props. A reflection probe will result in realistic reflections for the glass in the environment.

Post Processing
Lastly we’ll dive into post processing to enhance everything from the shadows to color grading and we’ll apply some anti aliasing to smooth out the jagged edges. We’ll end the course by baking out the lighting with higher resolution settings.

Real time environments in games can be a challenge. This course will help you understand how to set your scene to be used with HDRP.





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Mirror :-

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